Monday, November 2, 2015

Camp C.G.I. Autumn season!

Today was the opening our second autumn week long day camp for a group of children from our Public Schools!

Ulyanovsk holds an extremely successful annual day camp every June for children aged 6-13.

This past year we added an autumn and pre Pesach week long day camp.

Just another way of adding tradition for the lively Jewish children of Ulyanovsk.

Word of the Rabbi

Nearly 1,000 Jews, members of the Jewish community of Ulyanovsk, were extremely excited to begin receiving a weekly email with an inspiring Torah thought for them to discuss with their family and colleagues over the weekend.

The article is called ''word of the Rabbi''. It is personally written every Thursday by chief Rabbi of Ulyanovsk, Rabbi Yossi Marozov.

The idea behind this project was simple: as most Jews in Ulyanovsk are extremely assimilated or might live far from the Jewish Center, many simply show up only a few times a year for holiday event. Even for those who do show up more often, understandably there are still only 100 men/women/youth who are registered to our weekly classes.

Now all 1,000 members could learn a short Torah thought on the weekly Parsha (the weekly Torah portion).

For those who do come to Torah classes, this unique weekly article gives them an extra chance to learn our holy Torah, and yet another thought to discuss with their friends.

New! Woman's Kollel!

After successfully launching our men's evening Kollel this past September, many woman came forward requesting a similar study program for woman.

Thanks partly to Fund ''Meromim'' this past Sunday we launched a woman's Sunday Kollel for 30 woman!

Each Sunday plus Rosh Chodesh this exciting group with join in learning a professional class prepared by JLI Torah studies.

Those who participate and take the monthly in-depth examine will receive a certificate of $25 towards Kosher Meat at our community centers discounted Kosher Store!

If you would like to donate one mother's in-depth Torah education please go to, our secure system will gladly charge your credit card a monthly $25.

Night of Chassidic music

A new and exciting monthly event has just been launched in Ulyanovsk, the last Thursday of every month we will hold a night of Chassidic music at the Jewish Center.

With singer Shlomo Nizzin from Israel, participants will have the unique opportunity to learn many Chassidic Niggunim (Melodies) with live music!

Participants receive a sheet with Nigunim, its translation, and small historic explanation, every Melody is explained by Singer Shlomo, when and how to sing it, with its Chassidic origin and meaning, after which its song together with live music.

For the first evening the crowd enjoyed learning 5 new Chasidic Nigunim! Aside from singing participants enjoyed the nicely decorated room with fresh tea table and refreshments.

We still did not find a donor for this unique monthly event, if you would like to donate please go to:

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Grand opening of youth Study group!

STARS: the ''Student Torah Alliance for Russian Speakers'', had its grand opening Sunday October 23. 

This special program is geared at teaching Torah for young students. We are expecting to have a class every Sunday from October through June! 

This past Sunday the students learned all about Kosher followed by a professional master class on how to make Sushi! 

Students who will attend all the classes till the end of the year will get to travel on a Free trip to Europe together with many other young Jews!

85 families receive new clothes

As the Russian cold winter begins in Ulyanovsk, many needy families were grateful to receive a certificate to buy new warm winter clothing at the famous Russian chain store 

''Gloria Jeans''!

The recipients and the Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk is extremely thankful to our generous donors the Jewish Fellowship foundation for donating these certificates, and fund ''Or Avner'' for coordinating this project.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Youth summer seminar

A group of our youth joined other youth from surrounding cities for an amazing week seminar!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sukkot and Simchat Torah in the largest sukkah in Russia!


On Sunday, October 4, about 300 Jews from Ulyanovsk gathered, in one of the biggest Sukkot in Russia, to celebrate two large and very important holidays - Sukkot and Simchat Torah!

The celebration began with a speech by Rabbi Yosef Marozov. He greeted the guests and spoke about the commandments of the holiday. An extraordinary concert followed! A well known singer and musician, Shlomo Nizin, was flown in from Israel. At the concert, our dance group "Chaverot" and the vocal ensemble "Constellation" performed! It was very lively, with lots of singing and dancing.

After the concert was a short break, during which the women lit candles, and the men took part in the evening prayer, maariv.

We then celebrated Simchat Torah, during which everyone was dancing with the Torah, singing and having fun. A delicious hot buffet and bar table were set up in the sukkah.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Sukkot in Dimitrovgrad!

The Parents and the Children of our dear Rabbi, Yosef Marozov, traveled to Dmitrovgrad to celebrate Sukkot with the local community.

The evening was celebrated with stories, words of encouragement, and of course fulfilling the obligation of eating in a Sukkah and shaking the four spices.

High Holidays in Ulyanovsk

Rosh Hashono as many as 200 Jews came to Synagogue to pray, and rush in the New Year, we had 4 Services, but like always the main crowd joined us in our huge makeshift Synagogue tent outside, which includded 3 sections, mens prayer, womans prayer, and banquet, where 150 people came to pray and take part of banquet.

This years banquet was nicer then usual, with fancy plates and cutlery, wine and fine food.

The days between Rosh Hashono, knows as the 10 days of repentance, we performed the annual tradition of Kapparot, with nearly 100 Jews.

Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, many packed out small Synagogue for one or more of the 3 long services.

This year many more Jews have observed the fast for the folk 25 hours. Like always the Rabbi's office emailed and text the community members with clear instructions and times of the fast. 

We believe that God has written and sealed us all in the book of life. As God always forgives those who repent!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

New years food packages

80 needy families with children recieved one of the most amazing food packages ever.

These packages were filled with food and sweets.

Products from Russia, Israel, and Europe.

Enough to make every family happy during this holiday season.

We would like to thank the ''fellowship foundation'' headed by Rabbi Yechiel Ekstein for sponsering these food parcels, and fund Or Avner for coordinating its distribution.