Thursday, August 25, 2016

Now Artyom is Aharon

Our new youth leader Artyom was on a bussinuss trip to Moscow, he incedently met the chief Rabbi to Russia Rabbi Berel Lazar, upon the request of the chief Rabbi Artyom immidiatly a Bris. 

Chief Rabbi of Russia gave a name to our youth leader after his Bris, this was done in front of 350 Rabbis from all over Europe who were in Moscow for a grand conference 

Now Artyom is Aharon!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Shabbat Bar Mitzva - Mitzva Tank

A special Synogogue on wheeles, called a ''Mitzva Tank'' has been traveling throughout Russia, making a stop for ''shabbos Chazon'' in Ulyanovsk.

Many arrived to pray, buy books or just speak to the young rabbis.

Friday night our community hosted a nice Bar Mitzva for community member Levi Zharinov, the event began with Kabbalat Shabbat outside on the beautiful grass, followed by a banquet that ended 03:00 in the morning. 

The Mitzva Tank stayed on for the 9th of Av to be with us.

Monday, August 8, 2016

A nice barbecue outing at the Rabbi's home

A group of youth have joined Rabbi Yosef and Rabbanit Sara for a barbecue/bonfire where they were served deliscous food, heard stories, sang together songs, and watched a fire show presented by our youth activist Sergei Sotnikov.

The Business trainer for our bussinuss club

Our businuss club had the honor to host famous Business trainer Mr. Yitzchok Pintosevitch, who has over time become a religious obsorvent Jew. 

This special gathering took place in the home of one of our donors. Where Mr. Pintosevitch pointed out the importance of a Torah outlook in one`s business.

Russia's first major youth forum

10 youth from Ulyanovsk have traveled to Moscow with Rabbi Yossi Marozov for a major forum gathering 700 youth from all over Russia.

The event held many workershop from many major Russian speakers. Guest included chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar. Philanthropist Eli Horn from Brazil, Levi Leveiov and Yitzchok Mirilashvili.

3rd of Tammuz

Many members of our commmunity have joined us in a unity Shabbat commemorating 22nd Hilulla of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

A shabbat gathering with stories, song and discussion.

Overnight camp

Fifteen children from Ulyanovsk had the oppertunity to go vocation at a special overnight camp ''Gan Israel'' of the Volga region. 

This camp has been subsidies by the Federation of Jewish Communities and ''Avi Chai foundation''.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Bat Mitzva Yocheved

Our community was so lucky this month to celebrate the Bat Mitzva of Yocheved Dabarakov, the daughter of our beloved President of our community Igor Dabakarov.

Bas Mitzva is when a girl (age 12) reaches adulthood according to Jewish Tradition.

The literal translation of Bat Mitzva is ''Daughter of commandments'' because from this day on she is obligated to fullfil all of God's commandments.

In honor of the event we completely Kashered the commercial kitchen of ''Hotel Imperial'', at the event Yocheved's mother Rita (Esther Hadasah) and Father greeted a close group of family and friends.

In edition a special Event was held at our community center for Yocheved for the wider community!

We wish Yocheved she should grow up to be a true soldier in God's army, by serving the almighty and observing his Mitzvot.

10 youth join largest forum

Chief Rabbi to Russia has arranged Russia's largest Youth forum, with over 600 participants, which included over 20 amazing lectures from around the world, shabbat, farbreingen's, concert, barbecue, fun activities, trip, major banquet in Moscow's most royal hall.

Major philanthropist like Mr. Eli Horn from Brazil and Yitzchok Mirilashvili - Israel, and Levi Levayev - London, joined in for this forum.

10 Youth of Ulyanovsk joined the forum with Rabbi Yossi Marozov, they were so impressed by the forum that they traveled home with major Jewish pride.