Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mitzva tank in Ulyanovsk

Dear friends!
A Mitzva mobile (Synagogue on wheels) just arrived to Ulyanovsk

Please come tomorrow to our Center at 12:00 till 19:00
Sunday 10:00 till 12:00

You can ask questions to the young Rabbi's, obtain religious articles, or books.

The young Rabbi's will also be our guest at our Prayers
Friday night: 19:00
Saturday: 10:00

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Yeshivah in Ulyanovsk, first time ever!

For the first time in history a Yeshivah opened in Ulyanovsk.

As a group of ten Yeshiva students from Yeshivah Tomchei Temimim of Moscow came to Ulyanovsk to spend some of their vocation days learning Torah in Ulyanovsk with the same schedule as in Yeshivah.

During their stay they Learned daily Torah with others, had evening farbreingen's and affixed Mezuzah's in 20 homes in Ulyanovsk. 

Their stay made a great impression in our community. Now we could finally say Ulyanovsk has truly had a real full time Yeshivah!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

5th annual Camp Gan Yisreol a success!

The Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk has successfully completed its 5th annual day camp Gan Yisroel!

Camp Gan Yisroel was established in Ulyanovsk June 2011, by Rabbanit Sara Marozov and continues to run every single June based on the idea it was founded on. 

Each day the children begin with exercise, breakfast, a lesson on a specific theme in Judaism given by Rabbi Yossi Marozov, the class is followed by memorizing session, where the children get fake money for memorizing the daily topic, they could use the money to buy prizes in the camp gift shop! 

Learning is followed by Arts and Crafts based on the learning theme of the day, the children eat lunch, enjoy a sport and a daily trip!

Trips were no Joke, horse back riding, bout trip, swimming, amusement park, ice cream factory, rope climbing and more.

The last day of camp the children orgnized a concert of the parents followed by a shabbat program! 

Keeping up to our annual tradition, the children are to all receive a camp booklet, filled with jokes, songs, and pictures, in edition this year we have a special donor from America who is willing to sponsor free picture albums to each camper!  

Grand Teenager Shabbaton!

This past Friday - Sunday a group of 20 Teenagers and Students joined into a special Shabbaton at the home of Rabbi Yossi and Suri Marozov.

Friday began with a lesson on the weekly Torah portion, followed by lessons in Challah baking and how to make Sushi by Rabbanit Suri Marozov!

Trips to adrenaline park, and bike riding followed by Swimming and Barbecues.

Friday night and Shabbos day all of the teens went to Synagogue followed by hours long shabbos meals, at each meal the teens and youth discussed Judaism and sang songs.

Shabbos day was celebrated with a football game, and contest. Towards evening all the participants joined in to a Talmud Class follows by havdalah and a grand barbecue!

Sunday the participants left home with excitement and encouragement for their Jewish identity!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


In honor of Shavuot, the Jewish community of Ulyanovsk brought down a famous lecturer from Israel, Rabbi Yehoshua Raskin.

On Thursday evening, Rabbi Raskin had a farbrengen with local businessmen for their monthly shiur/farbrengen.

On Sunday, we had our sixth annual Torahthon! Rabbi Raskin gave three lectures, each one for two hours. After each lecture, the participants were treated to an Italian buffet. The lectures were attended by a total of about 80 people.

At the completion of the lectures, our big Shavuot event began! Over 100 people came to hear the 10 Commandments and enjoy a delicious Italian buffet consisting of pizza, cheese blintzes, lasagna, pasta, cheese spinach quince, cheese cake, cheese danishes and many more dairy delicacies. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Lag B'omer Parade & 9th of May celebration!

For the first time ever, there was a Jewish parade in Ulyanovsk! Lag B'omer this year was two days before May 9th - Victory day. This year we celebrate 70 years since we won the Nazis.

In honor of Lag B'omer and Victory Day, the Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk arranged a parade and concert in "Park Pabeda" - Victory park.

The event started with a band playing live music, followed by speakers commemorating Lag B'omer and Victory Day. Next we had children reciting Torah psukim word for word and the crowd repeating after them. We had three singers, from our community, entertain the crowd with various popular songs.

When the concert finished, participants raised banners depicting famous mitzvot and proudly marched with them along the parks main walkway. Leading the way was a professional drum band.

The parade ended with a BBQ and competitive games.

Lag B'omer BBQ Farbrengen and upsherin

Lag B'omer BBQ Farbrengen and upsherin of Reuven Dmitreiov took place at the house of Rabbi Yossi Marozov, at the eve of Lag Bo'omer. 

Invited to this event were those who attend the weekly Wednesday course "the secrets of the Parsha". 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Summer clothes for 100 families!

On the eve of the holiday of Passover, our community members received gift certificates to "Gloria Jeans". Each gift certificate was worth 5,000 rubles! 100 families were delighted to receive this generous gift to buy summer clothing for their children!

Our community is lucky that these gift cards were given out twice a year (before the winter and before the summer) for the past few years. Especially now, with the financial crisis in Russia, these gift cards are really appreciated.

It is not surprising that our community is being helped in such a generous and kind way, because our Rabbi Yosef Marozov always sought to help those in need.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Passover celebration

On 14 Nisan (April 3), 300 members of the Ulyanovsk Jewish community celebrated Passover. The event took place at the restaurant "Ruslan and Ludmila", in two banquet halls, at the same time. One seder was a family seder and the other was a VIP seder. 

In the VIP room, the atmosphere was more traditional; it was quiet, all the prayers and rituals took place following the Pesach routine, keeping all the traditions and commandments. In this hall, there were about 100 people. Among them were several guests of honor. One of them, Olga Zheltov, Head of Family Policy of the Government of the Ulyanovsk region, gave a congratulatory speech and handed Rabbi Yosef Marozov a letter of thanks and a gift on the occasion of the birth of his fifth child.

The family Seder was attended by about 200 people. Half of them were children. The Seder lasted nearly three hours, during which each participant had to drink 4 glasses of wine or grape juice, eat matzah, and bitter greens. All participants were extremely glad to celebrate Pesach with the community.

Many people, who were not able to attend, received clear instructions on how to celebrate the Pesach Seder at home as well as the basic necessities like matzah and grape juice!