Tuesday, January 10, 2017

19th of Kislev - inspirational gathering.

The 19th of Kislev (th Chasidic new years) was celebrated in our community with a inspiring farbreingen.

One for woman and a separate gathering for men.

Stories, parabales and songs entertained the evening.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

3th annual autumn camp

We with pleasure report that our annual day camp for children of 5 – 14 years opened.

Our children visited circus, went to Theatre for Young Audience and to movie theater, passed Panic Room and a tape labyrinth, played bowling and descended in a zoo!

The professional artist prepared special occupation – pravopolusharny drawing where children learned to think and create the real serious pictures correctly.

Children created the hands jewelry for the house, flowers to the Sabbath, charms, cooked challahs and learned elements of house cookery. House rolls turned out just matchless.

Grand festival: Sukkot/10 years Jubilee/Simchat Torah

Sunday October 23, the last day if Sukkot, the whole community was invited to our huge Sukkah, which was this year updated with new bright lights and an expensive heating system.

This years event was dedicated to the 10 years since the arrival of our dear Rabbi his family.

The event began with a group of volunteers, including the Rabbi’s children making the blessing on the Lulov with the 250 guest who were just arriving and soon to be taking their seats.

Afterwards the large crowd was seated in the large Sukkah for a grand banquet with live music.

The M.C explained to all the reason we celebrate the holiday of Sukkot, followed by the crowd making the blessing on the Sukkah.

In honor or his 10 years since his arrival to be our Rabbi, Rabbi Yossi Marozov to dedicate part of the ceremony with honoring those who helped him the most, especially the board of trustees, which was established exactly 8 years ago.

Each board member was represented with a beautiful plaque and a personal leather prayer book with his name engraved on the cover.

The eveing continued with live music, dancing, singers, and lots of hot food.

As the evening arrived some went home, but many stayed on for our next holiday: Simchat Torah!

We held the first night of Hakafot, dancing 7 times with the Torah.

As the men were dancing, the woman learned various songs, dances and lit the holiday candles.

A free bar with various drinks was operating throughout the Hakafot ceremony. The dancing ended with a festive meal hosting Uzbek barbecue’d pilof.

100 people attend the first night Sukkot meal

It has become a community tradition to celebrate Sukkot each year with a huge banquet/concert/and dancing on one of the middle days of Sukkot. Usually on the Sunday of Chol Hamoed Sukkot (Sunday being convinenet, Chol Hamoed being able to play music as opposed to Yom Tov)

But the first night was usually ignored….only a small crowed joined our Sukkas meal.

But according to the Torah the first night is the most significant of all nights of Sukkot for actually eat in the Sukkah, which is why this year some 100 Jews gathered for a nice meal the first night of Sukkot. (In edition to our annual grand Sukkot banquat/concert to be held Sunday the last day of Sukkot).

The meal was held in high spirits, with Lechayims, delicious food, singing, greetings and a very festive feeling.

The meal was held in our huge Sukkah that could hold up to 300 people, but this year our Sukkah had an upgrade: infocratic heaters to held heat the people with the weather being minus 3 celsius.

Sukkot in Dmitrovgrad.

Although a small community, the Jews of Dmitrovgrad make sure to gather for each holiday, this Sukkot was no different.

The small crowd gathered at their usual location and mingled as they awaited the arrivel of Rabbi Yossi Marozov to travel in 140 kilometres from Ulyanovsk.

Like every year the Ulyanovsk delegation arrived with a traveling pop-up Sukkah tent, and the 4 species.

The evening began with inspiring words of Rabbi Marozov, who explained in detail the meaning of the 3 Mitzvot of this holiday: 1- eat in Sukkah, 2- blessing on the four species, 3- joyfulness.

The crowd formed a line outside where young Shliach 10 years old Shloimy Marozov made the blessing on the Lulov with all.

Afterwards each individiual went into the tiny Sukkah where they were greeted by 8 years old Dovi Marozov who kindly handed each person a piece of cake and made with them the blessing on the Sukkah!

The evening continued on with truly lively dancing to modern Jewish music.

Dmitrovgard is located in Ulyanovsk region and is one of the sub communities of the Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk.

Grand Youth Sukkot

35 youth Joind the first evening of Sukkot for a special Youth Sukkot.

This is the first time in 10 years, that our community has arranged a personalised ”youth Sukkot”.

It began with a ”Master class by Rabbi of Ulyanovsk: Rabbi Yosef Marozov, who not only taught the youth how to bind the Lulov, but also explained how to make the blessings and the deep meaning of the various traditions of Sukkot.

This was followed by holiday filled with games and competitions.

The youth had lots of fun! Songs and dancing till midnight to exhaustion amused everyone!

Master class on binding the ”Arba Minim”

It has already become a tradition that our main sponsor Mr. Oleg Feldman donates 25 sets of the Arba Minim, so active community memebers could fullfill daily the great Mitzva of blessing the Arba Minim.

This year we decided to gift these sets to the Men of our Kollel and to the youth attendeding our ”Stars learning program”

For the first time we added a special twist towards this special ”Mitzva”, each person who was gifted a set was invited for a grand ”Master Class” on the eve of Sukkot, to learn how to make rings to bind the Lulov..

The first Master class took place in our huge Sukkah for the Men of our Kollel, later in the afternoon a second ”Master Class” was held for the youth.

In order to recieve a free set, each participants had to later sign a paper that they are commiting to fullfill this Mitzvah every single day of Sukkot”.

Thanks to the step-by-step instruction and the sensitive guide of the our Rabbi Yossi Marozov all the participats successfully binded their Lulov.

What an active day in Ulyanovsk!!!

It was simply awsome to see what was taking place this past Sunday, the Sunday before Yom Kippur, at our Center.

As is our community custom for the past 10 year’s, the Sunday before Yom Kippur is when we run the Kapparot ritual.

It has also already become an established tradition that on this same Sunday, many volunteer to build our Mega Large Sukkah, (which accommodates 250 people!).

But this year was very special, aside for the many attendees for Kapporot, one could observe a new trend in our community, to date nearly 100 Jews attend every single Sunday varuous ongoing weekly Torah classes.

10:00am Begins our Men’s Kollel, followed by 11:00 Sunday School, 12:00 Youth club/Torah class, 1:00 Women’s Kollel and 2:00 Teenagers club. (Nearly 100 people in total every single Sunday)

It was an amazing site too see, a community majorly involved in Jewish life.

At one point you could observe in the yard of our community, over 30 youth building the Sukkah, while many men and ladies were performing Kapparot, while yet other’s were doning Tefilin or just conversing with the Rabbi.

Rabbi Yosef Marozov handed to each person completing the Kapparot Reitual a piece of honey cake, with the wishes of ”A good and sweet year”.

Before performing Kapparot each Man was offered to don Tefilin, of course many Men had a chance to once again perform the Mitzvah pf Tefilin!

It was a very special day for 18 year old Leonid S. (who traveled especially 2 hours from the City of Dmitrovgard), it was his first time in his life to don Tefilin!!! Leonid promised to travel in every Sunday (2 hours each way!) to attend our youth club/Torah class!

300 attend Rosh Hashono in the ”Hilton”

It was exactly 10 years ago on the eve of Rosh Hashono that Rabbi Yossi and Suri Marozov arrived to Ulyanovsk as the first Rabbi to this city.

Their first task was to arrange the first ever Rosh Hashono services, thank G-d it was very successful, a small classroom was used to squeze nearly 40 people for each prayer service, totalling over 120 attendees.

2 years later the community finally established its first Synogogue, a very small room in the Jewish Center, with a foyer that could handle a total of 50-60 Jewish at each prayer service, for the next 2 years a total of over 150 Jews attended Rosh Hashono Prayers.

On the fifth Rosh Hashono since our Rabbi’s arrivel it was decided to erect a tent on the outside yard of our community, the tent included separate section for men, woman and a dining area, our Rosh Hashono morning minyan, stayed at 50 people, but our evening service grew to 150 participants, a total of over 200 Jews attended the Rosh Hashono prayers services for the next 6 years.

But this year – in honor of 10 years since our Rabbi’s arrival – we decided to expand, we converted the grand ballroom of the newly opened ”Hilton” hotel into a Synogogue!!!

We rented 3 halls, 1- as a Synogogue, 2- as a banquet hall, 3- children’s prayer program.

The Synogogue had over 170 seats, but to our surprise over 220 people arrived to the evening prayers, making the total attendance to Rosh Hashono prayer services this to over 300 people!!!

The morning prayers as always began at 10:00, followed by a festive banquet at 12:30, followed by a walk to the Volga River at 2:00pm for the Tashlich.

The evening Services began as usuall with the Shofar blowing at 18:00 followed by prayer services and then finally a grand banquat!

The Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk would like to wish all Jews in Ulyanovsk and worldwide a happy and sweet new year!