Friday, October 2, 2015

Sukkot in Dimitrovgrad!

High Holidays in Ulyanovsk

Rosh Hashono as many as 200 Jews came to Synagogue to pray, and rush in the New Year, we had 4 Services, but like always the main crowd joined us in our huge makeshift Synagogue tent outside, which includded 3 sections, mens prayer, womans prayer, and banquet, where 150 people came to pray and take part of banquet.

This years banquet was nicer then usual, with fancy plates and cutlery, wine and fine food.

The days between Rosh Hashono, knows as the 10 days of repentance, we performed the annual tradition of Kapparot, with nearly 100 Jews.

Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, many packed out small Synagogue for one or more of the 3 long services.

This year many more Jews have observed the fast for the folk 25 hours. Like always the Rabbi's office emailed and text the community members with clear instructions and times of the fast. 

We believe that God has written and sealed us all in the book of life. As God always forgives those who repent!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

New years food packages

80 needy families with children recieved one of the most amazing food packages ever.

These packages were filled with food and sweets.

Products from Russia, Israel, and Europe.

Enough to make every family happy during this holiday season.

We would like to thank the fellowship foundation and Or Avner for this amazing help for our community.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What an active day in Ulyanovsk

Kapparot, Sukkah, Brisim, Sukkah, Torah classes and more

The Sunday before Yom Kippur was an extremely active day at the Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk, looking back one must say Wow, some random day turns out to be a very active day at our Center.

The day began with:
kapparot for hundreds.

Each participant who came for Kapparor recieved a piece of honey cake with a blessing from the Rabbi.

Many also took the oppurtunity to don Tefilin. 

During this same day
three people had a Bris performed by famous Mohel Mordechai Tzvi Solomon.

During this day, we also held our regular: 
Stars youth class and evening Kollel Torah.

Also throughout the day our youth volunteered to build the Sukkah! 

In the evening we slaughtered and Koshered the chickens, participants from the Kollel had the opportunity to learn about the process of Kosher meat, and also the opportunity to perform yet another Mitzva - covering the blood with a blessing.

May God Almighty see how much his children love his Mitzvos and grant his children here in Ulyanovsk and all over the world a sweet and good year.

A year of health, happiness, children, and financial stability.

Collel Torah

An evening Kollel opens up in Ulyanovsk! 

Recently our community took part in a project to raise money for the opening of an educational institutions for the study of the Torah. We won, and from the beginning of September we have began our daily "Kollel Torah"!

A group of 20 people join me every single evening in learning Torah

Each day of the week we learn a different theme (Talmud, Mishna, Halacha, Torah, Chasidus)

A coffee table is with tea, coffee and biscuits is set up before the lecture, as those arriving from work might be tired and hungry....

Thanks to the Kollel we now hove a daily evening prayer service - ma'arive in our Synogogue! 

We hope this daily Kollel will last for many years to come!

Every month the most active students will receive a scholarship!

Friday, September 18, 2015

40 Jubilee Birthday!

On the 18th of Elul the president of the Jewish community celebrated his 40 Jubilee Birthday!

Many quest from all over Russia and abroad arrived for this special celebration.

The event took place at one of the prestigious restaurants in the city, which was fully Kashered beforehand!

We would like to wish Mr. Igor Dabakarov long life, health, wealth, and Jewish ''nachas'' from his kids.

Ulyanovsk Jewish Community Celebrates 25 years!!!!

This September our community has reached 25 years since it has been established!

Our community was established when Russia was still communist, a few months before Perestroika, the first meeting tool place at the Lenin Memorial complex 1990.

The evening began with a special platform where the Governor of Ulyanovsk gave out ''Certificates of Gratitude'' to those active in the Community

It then followed by a concert for nearly 1000 people!

After which a selected group was invited for a banquet.

In these past 25 years our community definitely grew in many ways, let's pray that we continue to grow as a community!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Ulyanovsk Mikvah Campaign completed! Yay!

Yay we did it, thank to all 439+ donors who helped make this Mikvah a reality in only 24 hours!

Now we can go ahead and build the first ever Mikvah in Ulyanovsk!

We want to personally thank each person who took their time and and effort to donate their hard earned money towards our Mikvah! 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Here we go!!!

$200,000 IN 24 HOURS!!!!
You can make it happen!!!!!
Donate here:
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Thank you!!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Our 7th annual community Calendar is ready!

Our 7th community Calendar has arrived off the press to the Jewish Center! Just in time for our grand celebration of 25 years of the Jewish Community of Ulyanovsk, which will be marked by a 1000 attendee concert September 1st!

This years calendar is unique and different the usuall.

Firstly the cover is a mosaic bearing hundreds of faces from memebers of our community.

Every month is dedicated to a different Mitzva, explaining various Mitzvot like: Tefilin, lighting candles etc in detail.

This years Calendar was printed simultaneously with our Brother congregation ''Chistaya Prudi'' in Moscow.