Monday, March 20, 2017

Purim in business club

On Purim, the club of businessmen gathered in the house of Rabbi Yosef Marozov to hear the Megillah and to have a fun celebration on the brightest Jewish holiday!

Purim in the “SMALL THEATER”

200 Jews of our community got together in the “SMALL THEATER” to celebrate the holiday of Purim!

Bright and rich concert program pleased all the guests. Light show, dance groups and DanceAvenue Chaverot, accordionist Mikhail Zhukov, poems of children from the Jewish kindergarten, Purimshpil (a play about Purim) prepared by youth clubs EnerJew together with children from the formal Jewish “School Mycity” and youth project Eurostars, a traditional costume contest and of course the reading of the scroll of Esther.

Purim in Synogogu

Here are some pictures of our first night Purim 5777, an excited crowd of nearly 50 people packed our tiny Synogogue to hear the Megillah.

Purim in the kindergarten “Miracle”

This year, Purim at our preschool was very special, the children not only obeyed the commandments of the holiday, but also prepared a small concert for parents. They recited poems and sang songs. The guests came to the party clown that would play with them and hold fun contests.

On the holiday sweet table parents were in for another pleasant surprise. Kindergarten pupils, under the guidance of teachers, prepared Haman Tashen.

Yes, We did it!!!

Our “10 years in Ulyanovsk” campaign was a success! We raised $15,200 in 36 hours!

A huge thank you to our more then 200 generous donors!

In just 10 years, we have accomplished a lot. We have created a synagogue, Kolel, kosher shop, cafe, Newspaper, kindergarten, evening classes, children’s camps, educational projects, clubs, humanitarian aid, and more.

Thanks to the assistance from all of our donors, our true partner’s, we now have the opportunity to continue our work!

Once again, Project ”Magid” 2017 for Ulyanovsk

After a long break, we have once again launched the Magid Project Ulyanovsk!

The project first began January 2016, and wend on for 6 months.

In the framework of the project, a Russian speaking “Magid” (which means preacher) will arrive each month to our community from Moscow, Israel, etc., to conduct professional Judaic lectures for our youth.

In addition to the youth, any community member can attend this Magid lectures!

The new season of Magid in Ulyanovsk was opened by the Rabbi of the Georgian synagogue in Moscow and successful criminal defense attorney Shimon Linov. The lecture covered the basics of Jewish ethics and the human right to privacy.

We look forward to the many planed lectures for 2017!

Youth club expands geography of its activities.

February 18, Havdalah on ”ice skats”. As shabbos came to an end our youth club made Havdalah and went skating at the Central rink in the city. Rabbi Yosef of Morozov has also joined the youth on the ice.
It was followed by indoor fun games and a positive tea party.

Tu Bishvat

This year the holiday of Tu Bishvat coincides with Shabat.

Thanks to the renovation, the synagogue was able to accommodate everyone on kabalat the Sabbath. Then there was a festive Banquet in honor of the holiday of Tu Bishvat – “New year of trees” in a cafe in Ulyanovsk Jewish community.

Guests were treated to 15ю kinds of fruit and various festive dishes. At the table was merry, friendly atmosphere, all sang songs and had fun. Rabbi Yosef spoke about the importance of the holiday and its origin.

Regional youth winter seminar ”ZOOM”

It has already become an annual tradition to bring together all the youth of our region to a winter seminar, which is meant to streanghn their Yidishkeit, get to know each other and learn some good life skills.

This year the seminar was held in a new location, the city of Kazan, (approximately 200 kilometres from Ulyanovsk)

More than 120 people from 7 cities of the Volga region, including our youth from Ulyanovsk.

ZOOM is a life and business caoching in combination with traditional knowledge in Judaism.

Youth member Aviva Groznova described it at follows: Workshops ZOOM is a wonderful opportunity to find Jewish friends, and also an opportunity to look at ourselves in new ways and, of course, entertainment!


Four young men from our community spent the last week of January at the suburban seminar “YESHIVACATION”!

YESHIVACATION is an annnual retreat for young men who have not had a chance to ever learn in Yeshiva, to recieve a taste of the Yeshiva life!

Our young boys came back excited, suprised and uplifted, as participant Sergei Sotnikov put it: I never knew their was so much to Judaism, Gematria, Talmud, mysticism, Farbreingens, stories of Tzdikim and more…

Sergei ordered himself a pair of Tefilin and began wearing Tzitzit daily.

Magic East – Bukhara Havdala

The imagination and creativity of our youth club is inexhaustible.

Bukhara Havdala was a youth evening lead by Bukharian Jews and president of our community Igor Dabakarov.

For one evening, the youth lounge in our community has become a real Eastern tent.

Oriental snacks, delicious tea, hookahs, songs and much more in the most warm and friendly atmosphere of the East.

This is the beginning of many themed Havdala’s for the youth.