Friday, April 21, 2017

Feast of Moshiach!

Many people filled up the dining hall of our Center to celebrate the final hours of Pesach with the festive meal of ''Neilas Ha'chag'' or as the Bal Shem Tov would call it: ''The feast of Moshiach''

They sang many Nigunim, ate Matzo, drank 4 cups of wine, and spoke many words of Torah.

Rabbi Ari Katz (father of Rebbetzin Sara) Ran the meal together with JJ Hecht and Efreim Yarmak as Rabbi and Rebbetzin Marozov were in the hospital with their new born baby - Rivka.

Chol Ha'moed trip!

A grand laser tag game was played by our youth and teenagers club, together with the Katz, Marazov and Dabakarov families and guest.

Divided into two teams our youth played a lot of game scenarios in a great Holiday atmosphere.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

A new member of our community, Rivka Morozova!

A new member of our community, Rivka Morozova!

We congratulate our dear Rabbi Yossi and Suri Marozov upon the birth to their sixed child, a beautiful and healthy baby girl!!!

The Baby's name is Rivkah.

Baby Rivkah is 3,160 kilo (7 pounds) and 51 cm (20 inches)

May she grow to Torah, Chupa, and Good deeds.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Passover in "Hilton"

200 Jews filled the the halls of the ''Hilton'' hotel at the first Passover Seder.

Tow gorgeous ballrooms were rented in order make the Seder convenient - 100 people per Seder.

In one room was a family Sader, for those who came with children - it was led by Ephraim Yarmak.

The second hall is for the esteemed aduld community members that was led by Chief Rabbi of Ulyanovsk - Yosef Marozov.

A special playroom with babysitters were available for the babies and toddlers.

For the second night, we also had 2 sedoroim 1- A special Kolel Seder, that was held in the community cafe, for all members of the men's and woman's Kollel, attended by about 40 Kolel families. 2- a Bukharian Seder was held for all our board members and their families and Bukharian famileis - also attedned by 40 people.

This is besides the many family home Seders... as our community held a great holiday awareness project this year, explaining all how to prepare their homes for Pesach and how to conduct their very own family seder!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Governor & Mayer Congratulations community on Pesach

As has been the costom already for many years, communinty memebers are greeted the first day of Pesach with a letter from the Governor.

This year Ulyanovsk chief Rabbi - Yosef Marozov - saw 2 letterd of congratulations in his desk, one from the Governor Sergei Ivanovitch Marozov, the second co-signed from the mayor of the city of Ulyanovsk and the head of the state Senate.

Very proud of our teens!

Our teens from EnerJew went to many homes with elderly or kids in order to distribut Matzo & grape juice and explain about Pesach!

In addition they affixed Mezuzah's to over 10 homes who never ever had a Mezuzah.

Monday, April 10, 2017

A new meeting with an old friend!

In preparation for Passover, Reb Leib Polin, gave a very interesting lecture to the members of our community.

Dr. Leib Polin is a long time community memeber, who currently lives in Jerusalem, he has decided to change his life around and dedicated to learning Torah and keeping strictly to Judaism. He is now a fulltime student at 3 daily Kolel's in Jerusalem.

Back in 2007, before moving to Israel, the Reb Leib led lectures for our youth.


Grand preparation for the Passover is complete!

Every day a large number of people came to Ulyanovsk Jewish community to write a power of attorney for sale of chametz and purchase the necessary products for the observance of Passover and conduct the Seder at home.

To clarify complex issues in the community worked as a team that could give all the necessary consultations by phone for all questions relating to the Passover, how to celebrate the holiday at home, what's allowed and what's forbidden for Pechalnoe weeks.

The building our our community crnter is also actively released from the chametz, cleaned the room and prepared the kitchen for Passover.

We thank everyone who has helped in the preparations of Pesach and wish a kosher and happy Passover for members of the Ulyanovsk Jewish community!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Рre- Passover camp “Gan Israel”

Our week long Pre- Passover camp “Gan Israel” (which is annually run during the week of the local school's spring break) gathered the children aged 5 to 14 years.

As always the camp program was rich and interesting. Each day the children learned about the history, commandments and traditions of Passover. Educational crafts, games and excursions.

The children learned how to make their own matzah and even how to conduct a Seder.

Excursions included: visited the zoo, children's theater, laser Tag, trampoline center, go carting, and the exhibition of tropical butterflies.

Pre- Passover camp just ended, and the children are already looking forward to the summer season of “Gan Israel”.

More photos…

Monday, April 3, 2017

Preparing for Passover the correct way!

In anticipation of the holiday, Rabbi Yossi Morozov has held a series of lectures to instruction of women, men and young people how to prepare their house and kitchen for Pesach.

About 50 people participated in this various valuable informative lectures. Students also recieve brochures with the basic laws of Pesach.

Every person who undertook to Kasher (sterilize) there kitchen for Pesach according to the Jewish laws, recieved a gift from the Rabbi a new pan and knife, (in order to alleviate some of the hard work of sterilizing - Kashering these particular item's).

We wish all a Happy and Kosher Pesach.

Friday, March 24, 2017

⁠⁠⁠Magid: a new lecture Hall!

52 people packed the Barcelona hotel's conference Hall to listen to a lecture given by Rabbi Asher Altshul (Rabbi in Sheepsheadbay, Brooklyn) who flu in especially from America to lecture here.

Rabbi Altshul, discussed with the audience the perception of time, creation of man in the image of G-d, freedom of choice, the ability to make mistakes, joy vs the nature of cravings, leading to quite paradoxical conclusions.

The dynamic lively dialogue left no one indifferent, and, in spite of being a weekday evening and a late hour, students were fully involved.

In the framework of the project "Magid" 6 times during this year, our community will host proffesional world renowned Russian-speaking lecturers from all over the world.

Because of the great demand future lectures will not take place in our small Synogogue, but rather we will rent the comfortable conference Hall of 4 star hotel ''Barcelona''.