Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Maggid comes to town!

Three months ago Ulyanovsk was lucky to begin hosting a new project ''Maggid'', each month a Russian speaking Maggid (Itinerary preacher) will arrive from Moscow, Israel etc. To give a lecture to our youth. This project is sponsored by youth movement ''Yachad''.

In addition to the youth other categorical groups in the community (I.e. woman's Kollel, Businessmen club etc) will also receive a lecture when the Maggid arrives! 

This past week Rabbi Shimon Linev, criminal lawyer and Rabbi of the Georgian Synagogue in Moscow arrived! The youth just loved his lecture!

After the youth he was invited to the house of one of our Businessmen who was hosting the monthly business club farbreingen in his home. The Gathering was in honor of Mr. Loshenko taking upon himself to begin putting on Tefilin every day! 

Rabbi Linev pointed out, that although he is too busy to read all of his emails, he eagerly awaits our monthly news updates, he makes sure to read about all the amazing stuff going on in Ulyanovsk!

Summer clothes certificates for over 100 families!

The summer begins now, many children have outgrown their last years Summer clothes, but few families in Ulyanovsk could truly afford to buy their children the full wardrobe needed for the summer! 

Thanks to the ''fellowship foundation'' over one hundred families received certificates to buy nice trendy clothes for their families in Russia's largest famous family clothing chain store "Gloria Jeans''. 

This year Rabbi Yossi Marozov lobbied to extend this program for the families of the city Dmitrovgrad, a city in Ulyanovsk Oblast. 

In total nearly a half million Rubles ($8,000) worth of Certificates was handed out this May! 

This is of course in addition to a similar amount of food handed out to families before Pesach in the month of April. 

We truly thank our donor's at the humanitarian fund ''the Jewish Christian Fellowship Foundation'', and its coordinator in Russia "Fund Or Avner''.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Feast of Moshiach

61 people filled up the dining hall of our Center to celebrate the final hours of Pesach with the festive meal of ''Neilas Ha'chag'' or as the Bal Shem Tov would call it: ''The feast of Moshiach''

They sang songs, ate Matzo, drank wine, and spoke many words of Torah. 

Most of the participants commented that it was their very first Pesach that they actually kept to all the laws, from not eating even a tiny bit of ''Chometz'' to ''Kashering'' their kitchens. 

It the merit of those who kept Pesach may God almighty send us already Moshiach, next year in Jerusalem!

Pidyan Ha'ben

On the eve of Pesach many first born adults who have never fulfilled the Mitzva of making a Pidyan Ha'ben had the opportunity to finally fulfill this Mitzva.

Rabbi Ari Katz, father to Rabbanit Sara, is a Kohen! Each Firstborn bought themselves by giving five silver coins, as commanded by the Torah!

Woman's Kollel exclusive Seder.

Most of the ladies attending the woman's Kollel have been taking Pesach quite seriously this year, for some it was their first Pesach that they will not each Chometz, for most it was the first ever Pesach the are Kashering (sterilizing) their Kitchen.

It was therefore decided to have meaningful seder only for them and their families the second night of Passover.

Over over 40 peolple enjoyed a in depth Seder with New York guest Efreim Yarmak and Yossi Drizin.

Dmitrovgrad Celebrates Pesach!

For the sixed consecutive year Dmitrovgard (a city in Ulyanovsk region, under the spiritual leadership of Rabbi Yossi Marozov) has celebrated a public Seder.

This year 2 young Yeshivah Student from Moscow ran the Seder.

We give much thanks to the President of the Dmitrovgrad Jewish community Olga Bojkova for the many hours she put in arranging and organizing this event, in edition to arranging Pre-Pesach food packages for the poor, sale of chometz, and Matzo and grape juice available for the wider community in Dmitrovgrad.

This years Pesach was sponsored by the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia.

Pesach in the ''Hilton''

Over 200 people gathered for 2 of our grand Pesach Seder's in the ''Hilton''. Each Seder had over 100 people 

We rented two halls, one held a children's Seder, for Kids and their parents, run by Efreim Yarmak and Yossi Drizin, both volunteers from chabad central.

The second hall was run by Rabbi Yossi Marozov.

The second night we held a Number of smaller Sedorim, with 35 people each, Family style.

This is besides the many who rsn their own home Seder! We had a mega information marathon that we ran the days before Pesach to inform all how exactly to run their own family Seder!

Wishes for Pesach by the Governor of Ulyanovsk!!!

As usual the Governor of Ulyanovsk Mr. Sergei Marozov sent a personal holiday Card to the Community and it's leaders.

The Card read as follows:

Dear Rav Yosef

I would like to commend you and your Community in this most auspicious holiday - Pesach!

The Jewish Community does much to foster inter-confessional and multinational harmony within Ulyanovsk Oblast.

May your community have much growth in all of your educational, humanitarian, youth and other Project's.

Mr. Sergei Ivanovitch Morozov
Governor of Ulyanovsk

Kollel Celebrates completion of Taanis

On the auspicious day 11th of Nisson, the day the Lubavitcher Rebbe was born, our Kollel gathered to celebrate the completion of a whole tractate in Minshna, tractate Taanis.

Over the past 2 months they Learner all the laws of Jews fast days.

The evening was held with learning a new chassidic melody, and each participant taking upon themselves to keep the laws of Pesach as much as they can.

100 families with children receive food Packages.

Thank to the Fellowship foundation coordinating with fund Or Avner once again 100 families with children receive food packages for Passover.

The Packages include: Matzo, Grape juice, other Passover foods & sweets and chocolate covered Matzo.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pesach awareness!

This year for the first time we have an series of intensive classes preparing the Woman, Men and Youth on how to prepare their homes and Kasher (sterilize) their Kitchen's for Pesach.

A total of 70 people attended this classes, with over 30 individuals taking upon themselves to Kasher their Kitchens. (Which means: to sterilize all Chomets, which includes boiling pots and cutlery, Cleaning and heating the stoves, the hardest is trying pans which can only be sterilized through fire)

To alleviate the burden for these families Rabbi Yossi Marozov gifted a frying pan to each person who pledging to sterilizing their Kitchen!