Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pre Pesach camp

For the second consecutive year our Center is hosting a Pre Pesach day camp during this week of school spring vocation. 

Camp began with much excitement, children are learning all about Pesach, baking Matzo, going on trips and having fun!

The final day of camp concludes with burning the Chometz and a mock Seder!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Kollel celebrates the Purim in the rabbi house


Purim in the synagogue

Purim in the Hilton

Over 270 people gathered to the grand ballroom in the new ''Hilton garden inn'' of Ulyanovsk for a grand Purim celebration.

The event began with our children and community dance group performing, followed by a costume contest, continued by the reading of the Megillah. 

After the formal part, came the informal part of the evening: with dancing, buffet, lichayim, acrobat show and light show. 

This Purim was even better then past years, as it gave people more time to mingle, this Purim definitely strengthened our community.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ulyanovsk greets the Maggid

A new project sponsored by youth institutions "Yachad" where every month a guest speaker will arrive to our community to give lectures!

This month we hosted Rabbi professor Aleksander Lakshin, who gave three lectures on various topics such as Shabbos, Kosher and more.

Lectures were given to the youth, woman's Kollel and Men. 

The crowd truly enjoyed it, actually for a long time community members have requested that we invite Rabbi Lakshin, but we simply did not have the funds... 

We pray that this project continues and that many Jews of Ulyanovsk will gain spiritual growth and knowledge.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Grand opening "EnerJew"

Ulyanovsk has opened a branch of teenagers club " EnerJew", a new exciting institution throughout the FSU aimed for teenagers ages 13 - 18.

Our teens are to gather three times monthly for a non formal educational session. once a month for a trip. twice annual local shabbaton, and once a year a trip to some other country!

The club is run by 2 young coordinators who will travel numerous times throughout the year for training. In addition to professionals visiting Ulyanovsk twice annually to plan, train and implement the project.

The Ulyanovsk branch has a unique young Rabbi, Yackov Sominsky from Valiki Novgorod, who will oversee the tradition.

For the grand opening the teens played ice breakers and watched a nice chemist show!

Our teenagers group as a whole was established 3 years ago originally as Jteen, funded and established partially from a kind grant by the L.A. Pincus foundation.