Monday, February 1, 2016

JLI is back!

We began a new JLI course "Art of Happiness".

Not withstanding the current financial crises in Russia, people who enjoyed past years JLI joyfully registered and paid for this year's course!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tu Bishvat

A separate gathering for men, and a separate for woman were held in our Center in honor of 15th of Shvat - new years for the trees. 

At the gathering! 15 types of fruit were served. With some rare exotic fruits. 

Our main guest was Rabbi Yackov Sominsky, of Veliki Novgorod. Who spoke and sang Negunim!

The events was held in memory of Reb Shmuel Dovid ben Yerachmiel (Grandfather of our Rabbi - Yossi Marozov).

Friday, January 22, 2016

Farbreingen 10th of Shvat

In honor of the 10th of shvat the Yortzait of the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe and the inauguration of the 7th Lubavitcher Rebbe, we held a Chasidic farbereingen in our Center

The evening was celebrated with song, stories, discussions about mysticism.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

What an amazing Chanukah Resort!

Friday morning the guest arrived to the nicest cabin resort in Ulyanovsk, after receiving their rooms, they gathered in a grand hall called the ''Chanukah House'' in their they had a master class watching fresh pressed olives, learning how olive oil is actually made!

This was followed by a host of fun workshops in the ''Chanukah House'' Workshops included: 1- make your own Menorah 2- decorate candles, 3- bake Challah, 4- decorate cookies and doughnuts, 5- driedle keychains!

At 3:00pm begins the winter Shabbat in Ulyanovsk, nearly one hundred Chanukah Menorah's and Shabbos candles were lit! Each participant receiving a present of Chanukah Chocolate from Chief Rabbi to Ulyanovsk - Yossi Marozov.

Lecture, Kabbalat Shabbat and a grand meal was lead by Rabbi Yehushaya Raskin - from Israel.

Friday late at night we had a Chanukah Casino, where we played various driedle games and enjoyed doughnuts and latkes.

Shabbos morning buffet breakfast was followed by a lecture, prayers and the reading of 3 Sifrei Torah! in honor of 1-Shabbat, 2-Chanukah, 3- Rosh Chodesh.

Saturday night a grand Havdalah ceremony and candle lighting was followed with a grand banquet and concert with life musicians from Petersberg!

This event was partially sponsored by fund "Meromim".

Another young man receives a pair of Tefilin!

We congratulate Andrei Zaichikov for taking upon himself to don Tefilin every single day!

Businessmen Chanukah Party


For the last day of Chanukah entrepreneur Mr. Alexander Loshenko decided to Kosher his kitchen and invite over Jewish friends for a nice Chanukah gathering and the placing of a Mezuzah on his home.

May his home be blessed with all the blessings!

Chanukah with our Kollel!

Ladies Club Chanukah

Chanukah in our kindergarten

Chanukah in Dimitrovgrad

Grand Chanukah Concert

Over 700 people backed the concert hall for our grand Chanukah Concert named: "Kosher Rhythms" - a combination of Rock, Pop, Jazz, and Classic music by Igor Dabakarov and the "nefesh band".

The Governor of Ulyanovsk, Mr. Sergei Ivanovitch Marozov, opened up the evening with greeting the whole community with a Happy Chanukah!

He said that Chanukah is a holiday for all people, not only Jews, as it represents the victory of light over darkness and goodness over evil.

He presented four community volunteers with a badge of honor!

Chief Rabbi of Ulyanovsk Rabbi Yossi Marozov went up on stage to publicly thank the governor for all of his amazing work in creating one of the most tolerant regions in the whole world, after which he offered the Governor to light the first candle - the Shamosh, which he kindly accepted. afterwords the Governor took the microphone and said, "lets not forget that I must be good friends with the Jewish community, after all the Rabbi and I share the same last name - Marozov!"