Monday, November 3, 2014

100 Large winter food parcals

Over 100 families with children received large food packages full of Kosher food from Israel to help them go through the cold Russian winter with enough staples at home.

The food packages were arranged through the "Or Avner" foundation and sponsored by the "fellowship foundation".

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

First time ever "autumn camp"

Today we begin for the first time ever our autumn camp "Gan Israel!
Thank God the first day was a major success as the children learned, did arts and enjoyed a trip.

 The camp will go on for one week as the schools are closed for the autumn season vocation.
We plan to do this every season while the schools close for one week vocation!

 This idea actually came from the parents who send their children for our annual summer camp "Gan Yisroel", as the children love camp so much, why not give them some more!

 This camp will enhance the Jewish education for the children in our community, adding to our Sunday school, and other weekly projects that our done throughout the year to educate our children with authentic Judaism.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Largest Sukkot banquet ever!

Over 250 people attended our Grand Sukkot festival! this years event was better then ever we had live musicians and singers (we usually have just a DJ), and to keep people warm we had outdoor gas heaters, this is the first time we were ever able to afford to rent this heaters thanks to our donor Mr. Aleg Feldman!
As every year, each participant had the chance to bless the Lulov and Esrog, and make a blessing on the Sukkah! 
The evening went on for longer then expected with dancing, and singing to the late hours of the night!
Simchat Torah
Also worthy to note is our grand Simchat Torah event, although without photo's, this year nearly 80 people showed up! A large number for our community as Simchat Torah is not a well known holiday to the Jews living here, the community only began celebrating it after the arrivel of Rabbi Yosef Marozov and his family, in edition after celebrating Rosh Hashono, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, many people stay home for the final holiday of Tishrei, but this year was an exception as many showed up, and for most people it was their first time ever! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kapparot 5775

Nearly one hundred people participated in today's Kapparot.

There is a tradition to ask the Rabbi or Gabbai for Honey cake before Yom Kippur, the Rabbi or Gabbai give the honey cake with the wish "shana tova umetuka" sweat new year.

This year for the first time we managed to fulfill this tradition in Ulyanovsk, by holding each participant received a delicious individual home baked honey cake from the Rabbi or Gabbai, baked by Rabbanit Sara. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Our new Calendar 5775

With Gods help we have finally published our six'd published community calendar, this years calendar has it's uniqueness, that we are now joined with our "brother community" in Moscow, "congregation of Chistaya Prudi". which is why we included pictures of their events and the candle lighting times for Moscow.

"We are now brother communities"

On the eve of 18 Elul, (September 12, 2014) the Ulyanovsk Jewish Community and the Community of Chistaya Prudi neighborhood in Moscow have become partners and are now "brother communities".

The event celebrating this partnership began on Friday afternoon, with the attendance of many community members who flew in from Ulyanovsk, local community members, the chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar, and other important figures.

At the initiation of the event, the Chief Rabbi spoke of the importance of communities joining together to help each other out, and although the concept of brother communities are popular around the world, this is the first time that two communities from within Russia have joined together like this.

Rabbi Shmulik Kuperman of Chistaya Prudi spoke of the fact that Ulyanovsk is a more experienced community then theirs and the Jewish Center of Chistaya Prudi has lots to learn from Ulyanovsk, and Ulyanovsk could gain a lot from the big city mentality that prevails at Chistaya Prudi.

Igor Dabakarov thanked our largest donor, Mr Oleg Feldman, who originated in Ulyanovsk and since moving to Moscow, not only has he been involved in the establishing of the community of Chistaya Prudi, but was recently elected President of the community.

An official document was signed by Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berl Lazar, Rabbi Yosef Marozov of Ulyanovsk and Rabbi Shmulik Kuperman of Chistaya prudi.

After the official ceremony, the guests davened Kabbalat shabbat and enjoyed a delicious Shabbat dinner that continued till 3:00 am.

Our guests from Ulyanovsk stayed on to spend the remainder of Shabbat with our brother congregation. On Sunday Morning, we drove to the town of Lubavitch to pray for a sweat new year for all the Jewish people living in Ulyanovsk, Chistaya Prudi and around the globe. 

It's most interesting to note that the 18th of Elul is the day Rabbi Yosef and Suri Marozov arrived to Ulyanovsk 8 years ago.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chai Elul in Lubavitch!

It is a Jewish tradition to go to the grave-sites of holy people to pray before the holiday of Rosh hashono, we asked our sages to beseech for us before G-d to grant us a sweet new year.

A group of active Ulyanovsk synagogue goers have requested the leaders of the community to arrange such a trip, which was arranged on the auspicious day of 18th of Elul (the birthday of the ba'al shem tov, and also the birthday of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi the first Lubavitcher Rebbe, and 8 years since the arrivel of Rabbi Yosef and Sara Marozov to Ulyanovsk) 

The trip began with a Friday tour of the Moscow Jewish community, followed by a Shabbaton at our brother congregation of "Chistaya Prudi", followed by a trip Sunday morning (September 14th) to Smolensk, where as preparations towards visiting our holy sages, the group emerged in the Mikva, after which we finally arrived to Lubavitch.

In Lubavitch, we visited the courtyard of the Lubavitch Rebbe's, prayed, blew the Shofar, and each person wrote his personal letter to put at the grave, and then prayed at the graves of the Lubavitcher Rebbes

After completed prayers at the holy graves the group had a Farbreingen, then drove back for 16 hours by car to Ulyanovsk. 

We thank Lev Zingorenco for lending his Van and driving all the way to Lubavitch! Mr. Oleg Feldman for sponsoring the Shabbaton and Farbreingen, and of course our dear President Mr. Igor Dabakarov for seeing that this trip happens.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mitzvah Tank conquers Ulyanovsk

For the Third consecutive year Ulyanovsk had the honor to be visited by a Mitzvah Tank sent out throughout Russia  by Chief Rabbi of Russia Rabbi Berel Lazar to warm up the souls of the Many Jews throughout the country. Thank  you Chezy Lazar, Sholom Ber Pewsner, and Nochum Roitman for spending 3 days with us in Ulyanovsk. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jteen summer Shabbaton

For the second consecutive year, our J-teen teenagers club celebrate a 3 day Shabbaton!  

Friday the teens traveled to Tolyatti to enjoy a museum park and mountain biking, followed by classes and Kabbalat Shabbat.

Shabbat the teens experienced a real Shabbus with prayer, Torah reading, numerous interactive classes , games, competitions and a walk through the nearby forest. Saturday night the teens enjoyed an outside bonfire with songs and stories. 

Sunday the teens went to paintball shooting, for most it was their first time in their lives! 

This shabbaton was jointly sponsored by Meromim foundation, and the L.A. Pincus fund for Jewish education in the diaspora, Israel.

Special thanks to Rabbi Meir and Devora Fischer for once again hosting us! 

Friday, August 1, 2014

J-Teen Travel Camp to Moscow

For the second consecutive year, our teenagers club "J-teen" enjoyed an amazing travel camp! This year they spent a week in Moscow with Rabbi Yossi Marozov, Rabbi of Ulyanovsk.

This incredible trip was a combination of professional Torah classes and exploring Jewish institutions. 

The first day began by touring the Jewish Museum, Jewish community center, schools, kosher stores and restaurants. This was followed by a fun time at rollerskating, bowling, and laser tag - all in one day!

The remaining days included visiting the Red Square, zoo, aquarium, circus, dolphin show, sightseeing by train, bike, bus and boat. 

Thursday evening, Mr. Mikhail Amayev, owner of the prestigious kosher restaurant "Misada" in Moscow City (Russia's largest mall, built by Mr. Levi Leviev) served a beautiful meal for the teens and spent time speaking with them. Mr. Levi Leviev was also present at the restaurant that evening! The teens expressed their shock at seeing Russia's largest mall owned by a proud, Kipa wearing Jew! They were also amazed at the amount of people attending the many kosher restaurants and cafe's in downtown Moscow. 

On Shabbos, the teens visited various synagogues and had the chance to meet and ask questions to various Rabbis. 

The main goal of this trip was, of course, educational. Every morning the teens had a class with Rabbi Yossi Marozov, and in the evenings by a special guest speaker.

Throughout the trip it became more and more obvious that the teens gained a strong feelings of Jewishness. This was especially noticeable shabbos afternoon when the boys decided to walk back from synagogue through the center of the city wearing their Kipas, and all of the teens spent the 40 minute walk singing Jewish songs! 

A number of teens have decided to come back September to Moscow to study in a Jewish school! The Federation of Jewish communities provides free 5 star dormitories for any girl or boy throughout Russia who wishes to learn at any of the many Jewish schools in Moscow 

Before returning home Mr. Avshalom Mikhailov of the fancy Kosher cafe "cafe Jerusalem" offered the teens a warm meal, and food for the way. 

The J-Teen travel camp is supported by Meromim foundations, The L.A. Pincus fund for Jewish Education in the Diaspora, Israel, Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters, and the Federation of Jewish communities, headed by Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Berel Lazal.