Wednesday, June 7, 2017

We did it!

In just 28 hours thanks to the help of all philanthropists, activists and volunteers, we raised funds for our daily Kollel Torah! 

We hope that in September we will be able to expand the program from 2 to 4 groups! 

1 – Evening men's group; 

2 – Morning men's group; 

3 – Weekly women's group; 

4 – a Group for young mothers. 

We Express our gratitude to everyone who participated in our campaign and believe that together we will cope with any difficulties and will make our Jewish life more interesting and better! 

To make a donation in the future, you can go to our website

Monday, June 5, 2017

We are off and running.

RAISING $30,000 

Thanks to our generous 
matchers, your donation 
is worth 4X AS MUCH!!

Here is the catch: IT'S ALL OR NOTHING

If we don't reach our goal in the next 28 hours, your donation will be returned.

If we succeed, Kolel Torah of Ulyanovsk will receive, 30,000
this will continue our great program and run our daily Kolel.

Closing teens club EnerJew.

Sunday June 4th, was the final season of teenage club Enerjew Ulyanovsk.

The teenage went to camp out and have fun and eat kosher barbecue.

At the outing the Teens listened to the final closing words of their program coordinators Moshe and Aron. Afterward they each received a present a Cap with the logo ''Teens club EnerJew Ulyanovsk''.

The teenage begin their summer vacation in high spirits!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

First day of camp ''Gan Yisroel Ulyanovsk''!!!

Today we had the grand opening of the best camp in the world! For the 7th consecutive summer Camp Gan Yisroel - Ulyanovsk.

Today's opening was held at the vocation resort “Dacha”. Our Teen club Enerjew has prepared a fun program in the fresh air.

Rabbi Yehoshua Raskin and Rabbi Yosef of Morozov gave a class on traditions.

The day concluded with an elegant kosher BBQ.

Kiddush in honor of Rivka

On the Second day of Shavuot a Kiddush took place in Shul in honor of the birth of Rivka.

Rivka is the sixth child in the family of Rabbi Yosef and Sarah Marozov.

Many community members came to congratulate the parents and to say good words.

Shavuot 5777 - Ulyanovsk Style!

May 31, The Ulyanovsk Jewish community celebrating Shavuot for the 11th consecutive year!

A huge Italian dairy buffet was set up with nearly 30 times of hot dishes, cakes, various drinks, salad bar, and Pizza, all especially hand made and prepared by our dear and special Rabbanit Sara.

Nearly 100 people attended this important occasion. Guest Speaker from Israel Rabbi Yehashua Raskin gave a lecture on “the Secret meaning of the commandments”, and then Rabbi Marozov read the ten commandments.

We did not forget the kids, they had a great Ice cream party, where they molded Mount Sinai out of ice cream!

Our teens club volunteered at the Italian dairy bar!

Special thanks to Rabbanit Sara for her 2 weeks long work in planning, cooking, baking and implementing this amazing event!

Main season of women's Kollel comes to end!

As many woman are leaving for the summer, it was decided to hold an offical closing ceromony to the woman's Kollel on the last Friday of the spring!

Women preparing challah with rabbanit Sarah followed by the weekly lecture. Each participant Kollel received the gift of a beautiful book on kosher cooking.

It was a very successful year for the woman's Кollel, the number of women wishing to study is growing steadily, along with their activity and interest in Judaism and traditions!

Of course learning Torah never ends, and our woman's Kollel will continue throughout the summer for those who wish to continue learning.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lag Bo'omer

Our youth gathered for an outdoor Picnic beginning with competitions followed by a barbeque and bonfire...

At the same time in the yard of our center adults and children enjoyed an outing with community president Igor Dabakarov! Songs, bonfire and lots of good food!


In the framework of the EuroStars project more than a thousand youth ages 18 to 28 years from 45 cities of Russia, including Ulyanovsk traveled Europe flying a plan, riding a cruise, and buses.

Spain, Sardinia, nice, Monaco, Milan, and Poland.

The students visited the cities were once centers of Jewish life, visited ancient synagogues and the Jewish quarters.

One of the highlights of the trip was the completion of a Torah scroll dedicated to the youth of Russia.

The Grand event took place in Monaco.

During the writing of the scroll, the young people could purchase for a nominal fee a letter or a line.

At the end of the cruise with EuroStars students visited Auschwitz, as of the eve of May 9th Victory day.

1000 students took part of March of Life. former prisoner of Auschwitz - Mrs. Batsheva Friedman addressed the youth of Russia, and told the story of his life.

Eurostars is a project where youth in every city of Russia and the C.I.S. attend weekly Torah classes at their community after which they are rewarded a trip to Europe.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

We remember!

On the eve of the may 9 celebrations volunteer groups of youth and teenagers, visited the homes of veterans.

Veterans — the direct participants of war, disabled war veterans, prisoners of concentration camps — there is not a lot, and it is our duty to congratulate them all, regardless of health status.

The youth witnessed a living history, because veterans not only taking gifts, but they also willingly shared their memories of the events of the war years, and showed the medals.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Guest speaker: Motel Gordon

In the framework of the project "Magid'' we were honored to host star lecture Motel Gordon from St. Petersburg. Lecture topic: "Secrets of a Jewish education" was held in the conference room of the Barcelona hotel and gathered an audience of over 40 people.

Motel introduced the audience with songs in Yiddish and helped give a new look familiar topics, took apart the case studies and explained how to ask questions.