Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Purim in our preschool "Gan Nes"

Although our preschool celebrates Purim every year, this year it was done in a very special way. The children listened as the Megillah was read from parchment, as it is done in the Synagogue!

The children had a clown perform contests with them, a nice party with candy and cake, and gave each other presents. There is no question about it, "Gan Ness" is the best private preschool in all of Ulyanovsk!

Purim in Dmitrovgrad 5775

For the fifth consecutive year, our branch in Dmitrovgrad has been celebrating Purim. This years Purim was extremely festive! The event was arranged by Mrs. Olga Bajkova, the president of the community. Young rabbinical student, Menachem Goldberg, read the Megillah and helped the participants celebrate Purim! 

Purim in our Synagogue

Aside for our grand Purim event, Ulyanovsk's Synagogue was working as usual. We have prayer services for all the three prayers of Shabbat and all holidays and special occasions. Purim was no exception. The atmosphere was very festive! Many adults and children came dressed up in costumes, others just made sure to make lots of noise when they heard the name of Haman. After the morning prayer was completed, the parishioners went into the communities banquet hall for a festive meal!

Purim extravaganza 5775!!!

This years Purim was extremely exciting for our community! The event took place at the Ulyanovsk Philharmonic hall. 

The evening began with  participants receiving masks and graggers in the main lobby. The children were thrilled to have their faces painted, which added to the festive environment.

The concert began with our local Jewish dance troupe "Chaverot", followed by the reading of the Megillah by our dear Rabbi Yosef Marozov. When the crowd heard the name haman, the hall erupted in loud booming noise.

After the reading of the Megillah was completed, the crowd enjoyed a concert performed by over 30 musicians! Yes, 30 musicians from the "Derzhava Orchostra". 

When the concert was over, the crowd was escorted to a grand banquet hall where a hot buffet with delicious food was waiting for them. During the buffet, there was live dance music, a bar, and lots of laughter as people made L'chaims and gave each other the traditional Purim gifts of food and donated money to the poor. 

During this event, all participants have fulfilled the four obligations of Purim. (1-festive meal, 2- hear the Megillah, 3- give presents of food to a friend, 4- money to at least 2 poor people) 

L'chayim for all the Jews in Ulyanovsk! 

And the name is Menachem Mendel!


On the 5th of Adar, a new member was born into our community, to Chief Rabbi of Ulyanovsk, Rabbi Yossi and Rabbanit Suri Marozov

On the 12th of Adar, our community celebrated his Bris. The new baby was named Menachem Mendel!

This event was truly historical and emotional for our community. Although Rabbi Yossi and Suri have numerous children, they were all born in the United States. Menachem Mendel was the first to be born in Ulyanovsk, so this was the first circumcision celebrated for a Rabbi's son here in Ulyanovsk in the past 100 years!

The ceremony began, in the restaurant "Aveinga", with music and a standing ovation greeting the new baby, who was carried in by Mr. Eliezer and Mrs. Esther Dabakarov.

As customary, the baby was passed to the seat of Eliyahu by various important members of our community. From the seat of Eliyahu, he was passed to the father of the baby, who held the baby throughout the Bris.

The Mohel was Dr. Mordechai Tzvi Solomon, who flew in from Basil, Switzerland! Another important guest of honor was Rabbi Yitzchok Gorelic, Chief Rabbi of Tatarstan, who recited the various prayers said during the circumcision.

The baby was named Menachem Mendel after Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe!

As the baby was escorted out of the room, everybody wished Rabbanit Sara "Mazal Tov" and many handed her presents! The guests sat down for a lovely banquet, which was prepared and catered by our Kosher Cafe "Jerusalem" buffet style!

During the meal,"Academic Band" played live music and many wished the parents of the baby good wishes. At the end of the banquet, Rabbi Yossi Marozov recited a chassidic discourse followed by grace after meals and a special prayer which is recited by six different guests for the health of the baby.

Interesting to note, that the baby's grandfather is also named Menachem Mendel Marozov, who celebrated his 99th birthday the day after the Bris! He was extremely happy to receive a phone call from Ulyanovsk to New York to hear of the exciting news that he has another great grandchild with the same name as him!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Chief Rabbi invites our youth to Moscow!

Thanks to our donors and Rabbi Yossi Marozov a group of Students who take part if STARS chapter in of Ulyanovsk (United Students Torah educational groups throughout Russia) traveled for a Shabbaton in Moscow. Also joining was a group of students from STARS chapter of the city Lipetsk.

The Goal of the Shabbaton was to show the students and teach them of true Jewish life 

A very rich program was awaiting the participants: visit the Great Choral synagogue and the Moscow Jewish Community center located in the Marina Rosche neighborhood. Tours at the Jewish museum of tolerance and the Tretyakov Gallery.

We prayed Kabbalat Shabbat in the synagogue with Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, the Synogogue was packed as usual with hundreds of people, followed by a Shabbat evening program with Moscow youth club «JEWELL». 

On Saturday we were in for a lesson about the weekly Torah portion with Rabbi Levi Drutz. Meal in the family of our dear sponsor Efreim Binyaminov,  joined by Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, which took place in a very warm family atmosphere and very informative conversation. A few girls took upon themselves to take a Jewish name! 

After Havdala, another meeting took place with Rabbi Berel Lazar, whom he personally handed each of us a wonderful book "The essence of the Jewish holidays." followed by an evening with the Moscow youth club "Jewell".

The students say: We learned a lot, get answers to our questions for a long time, made new friends and were able to assess the Jewish cuisine in the best kosher restaurants in Moscow. Time passed quickly, and we went home, but we are confident that this trip to Moscow will always be remembered.

Tu Bishvat farbreingen!

This past Tu-Bishvat the Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk enjoyed a nice farbreingen including 15 different types of exotic fruits, including dried Etrog! 

We did not only celebrate the new years of trees, but also a fest of thanksgivings for the first anniversary of the scary gal-bladder attack that afflicted Rabbi Yossi Marozov exactly one year ago, raveling on a 16 hour train ride from Moscow to Ulyanovsk.

Thank G-D last year on the day of 15th of Shvat, the best medical team in Ulyanovsk performed a successful life saving surgery on our Rabbi, hours after he arrived to Ulyanovsk. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Kosher lasagna for ladies club

Every month, our ladies club gathers for a monthly class on contemporary Jewish topics. Most months the class is accompanied by a culinary lesson pertaining to that particular topic. 

This months topic was kosher meat. The ladies learned how to make lasagna out of meat, without using any dairy products.